Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Mahzooz pausing its operations?

2. When will the last Mahzooz weekly draws take place prior to the temporary pause?

3. Can I purchase tickets for draws scheduled after December 30, 2023?

4. How will this decision impact existing Mahzooz customers?

5. Can customers claim winnings after the pause date?

6. Will Ewings be introducing alternative services or products after the Mahzooz operations are temporarily paused?

7. How can participants contact Ewings for further information or assistance?

8. Will there be any refunds of the credit balance in the wallet that remain unused after the pause date?

9. Can we expect Mahzooz to resume?

10. Will there be any change in Mahzooz online platforms accessibility during the pause period?

11. Can the Mahzooz account still be accessed through the kiosks during the pause period?

12. Where can customers find official updates and announcements regarding the pause of Mahzooz operations?

13. Will my account remain active after the pause?

14. How has Mahzooz positively impacted the community during its operation?

15. What is the focus of Mahzooz's community outreach program?

16. Will Ewings' Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities be paused?

17. How can I erase my data from Ewings' records?

18. Will new registration still be available?

19. Will the pause in new registrations by Ewings affect players from outside the United Arab Emirates?

Note: For customers seeking clarification on Mahzooz credit withdrawal procedures or any other queries related to this development, please call our winners’ engagement team at 8005825 (Toll-free within the UAE) or +971 4 588 0100 (International Calls).